Product size and lifting capacity

Maximum diameter: approx. 5 500 mm

Maximum weight: approx. 150 000 kg

98% of production area is served by cranes

Assembly pit: 5x12 m, depth 4.5 m

Material cutting:

NC flame cutting machine: maximum size 3 240 x 6 000 mm

Flame cutting: maximum thickness of CS plates 350 mm

Plasma cutting: maximum thickness of SS plates 50 mm

Roll bending of plates:

Maximum length: 3 050 mm

Maximum thickness: 50 mm

Maximum diameter: 5 500 mm

Minimum diameter: 380 mm


Maximum diameter: 4 200 mm

Maximum diameter: 2 500 mm

Maximum weight: 40 000 kg


Classic and NC

Maximum hole diameter: 45 mm

Milling and boring:

Maximum weight of the workpiece: 40 000 kg

Tube to tube sheet expanding:

Tubes diameter from 15 mm to114.3 mm



Orbital welding of tube to tube sheet with or without preheating

CS/SS surface welding of tube sheets

Heat treatment:

Annealing furnace 7500 x 2700 x 2600 mm, temperature up to 850 o C

Equipment for resistance annealing and preheating, max. output96 kW, temperatureup to 1200oC

Surface finish:

Standard surface finish of carbon and stainless steels.

Non-destructive testing:

X-ray testing, ultrasonic testing, dye penetrant testing, magnetic testing, hardness test.


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